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The Ways of the future! 4 Ways Telehealth can help Realtors and the self-employed during COVID!

Telehealth services are soaring due to the COVID pandemic. Virtual visits with doctors keep us safe, save time, and even money! You’re able to meet with doctors virtually to diagnose simple at home concerns vs waiting at a medical hospital for hours and increasing your chances to COVID.

Almost all large employers are offering telehealth. For Realtors and other small business entrepreneurs, they never had health insurance. This option will provide you a more affordable care plan while you’re on the go!

How can Telehealth save you money?

  1. Cost a lot less than in-person visits.
  2. Virtual visits save a lot of time with 24/7 assistance.
  3. Expanded access to behavioral health
  4. Mobile apps such as Lemonaid keep your information on file for future diagnosis.

On a happy note: Telehealth cost less at a fixed rate with no surprises bringing predictability. Know what you pay before your virtual visit!

Many people are also happier because of the privacy they have being in their own home. It eliminates geography as a barrier and becomes more regional or national. If you have to move, you get to keep your doctor!

How do you know if you are uninsured or underinsured being a realtor?

Entrepreneurs often times maintain health plans who don’t necessarily find the right coverage for them and their families. Some plans are high-deductible only meant for serious injuries. Other are paying for the wrong plan and at a high rate. Yikes!

The single best way to be prepared is to talk to Stephen Weinberger and ensure you are covered. One thing I might suggest is to buy a health insurance plan on the go.

At Health Insurance Doctor, we help you choose the right coverage for you. We also offer a free plan evaluation for 2020! If you have any questions about your health insurance plans or rates, please don’t hesitate to call at 678-523-0759 contact us!