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Stephen Weinberger

As an award-winning insurance broker and the President of Health Insurance Doctor, Stephen Weinberger customizes comprehensive and affordable plans according to each individual’s needs:

1. Health

2. Life

3. Medicare

4. Long-term care

5. Supplemental

6. Disability 

So how is Stephen Weinberger different than the next insurance broker?

Simple! He’s a problem-solver – not a salesperson.

He alleviates business owner’s and realtors lack of insurance by researching plans built for their specific needs. Let us protect you, so you can protect your clients. Call today!

The Health Insurance Doctor is my health insurance solution! He helped me sort through all the confusing options for Medicare. He simplified things for me and I feel like I’ve made an informed decision.

Robert Carlson

I used to think supplemental insurance wasn’t necessary, but my wife talked me into it. I am so glad because without it we would have most likely had to declare bankruptcy when I was out of work. I am grateful The Health Insurance Doctor was there for us. 

Micheal Timlin

Stephen was incredibly patient and helpful as he explained the best insurance options for us. I appreciate the time he took and his consultative approach. We’re very grateful!

Roberta Graham

Confused By Your Insurance?

These days, far too many people are discovering what their coverage includes when it's too late. Don't wait to discover where your insurance gaps are. Let us help you become more knowledgeable about the insurance that you have and the coverage that you need. 

Why Us?

As an independent insurance broker, we’re not stuck selling insurance products from one company at one price. We have the ability to shop around to find the right policy, the right price with the right coverage for you.

A Decade of Trusted Care

For more than 10 years now, we've helped people just like you wade through the confusion to make informed decisions about your insurance coverage. Let us help you. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you find insurance coverage you can afford to use.

Insurance used to be simple. You pay your premiums, use your coverage when needed, and had reasonable deductibles.  Today, the insurance market seems like a jumbled mess to the consumer. Find out what you're paying for. Call us today.


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