Stephen Weinberger

As an award-winning insurance broker and the President of Health Insurance Doctor, my job is to customize a comprehensive and affordable health, life, Medicare, long-term care, supplemental or disability plan for each of my clients.

So how am I different than the next insurance broker?

Simple. I’m a problem-solver – not a salesperson.

I alleviate people’s symptoms by looking at the root cause of their illness.

Oftentimes my “patients” complain about feeling sick and tired from expensive plans with low coverage. Many of them have catastrophe plans they simply can’t afford to use day-to-day. This is unacceptable. I work tirelessly to find better coverage at reasonable prices for each one of my clients.

Also, as a broker, I represent dozens of companies as opposed to just one or two. And I work hard to stay on top of all the changes to each of the products at my disposal. I want my clients to get the best coverage possible and still have money left in their pockets to meet the ordinary needs of their families and businesses.

I began my career in the insurance industry in 2009 as a Personal Producer and Sales Leader at HealthMarkets where I had the privilege of leading 30+ agents.

In 2017, I accepted a position to become the Georgia Regional Sales Manager with North American Health Plans. I worked with nearly 100 agents and finished 2nd place in personal production company-wide.

Today, in addition to working with the general public, I work with professional athletes to help meet their life insurance and disability needs.

Prior to working in the insurance business, I served as an NFL-Certified Players Agent, representing more than 40 NFL players over the course of 16 years. And I built a solid reputation in this high-profile industry. Not only does this experience lend itself to some great stories, but it increases people’s confidence in my ability to “go to bat” for them in the daunting insurance process.

I’m an active member of the local Chamber of Commerce and the real estate association.

When I’m not on the job, I love taking in sporting events, attending concerts, eating out, traveling and spending time with my fiancé, Stacie, and my poodle doodle Brody.

Confused By Your Insurance?

These days, far too many people are discovering what their coverage includes when it's too late. Don't wait to discover where your insurance gaps are. Let us help you become more knowledgeable about the insurance that you have and the coverage that you need. 

Why Us?

As an independent insurance broker, we’re not stuck selling insurance products from one company at one price. We have the ability to shop around to find the right policy, the right price with the right coverage for you.

A Decade of Trusted Care

For more than 10 years now, we've helped people just like you wade through the confusion to make informed decisions about your insurance coverage. Let us help you. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you find insurance coverage you can afford to use.

Insurance used to be simple. You pay your premiums, use your coverage when needed, and had reasonable deductibles.  Today, the insurance market seems like a jumbled mess to the consumer. Find out what you're paying for. Call us today.


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